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About Regular Oral Exams

Regular dental check-ups are essential to your health, and not just your dental health. Your oral health is closely related to your overall health. It is recommended that you get a dental check-up once every six months, although your dentist at AAdams Dental Care may suggest you visit more frequently depending on your personal dental health and needs. It is important to notify your dentist of any changes in health or medication that has occurred in between your last and most current visit to their office.

What to Expect at Your Regular Dental Check-up

Cleaning and Polishing




The dental hygienist will typically use a hand scaler to scrape and remove tartar from your teeth. They will then use a rotating brush instrument to remove any remaining plaque and polish your teeth.

A dental check-up is an appropriate place and time to review your dental hygiene methods and schedule with your dentist. The specialists at AAdams Dental Care will be able to go over this with you as they examine your teeth and gums, suggesting modifications when necessary.


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It is our utmost priority to provide all patients with quality, affordable dental care. We will work with you to coordinate payment plans that you are comfortable with.

Please feel to call or email us to inquire about your insurance plan and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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