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About Tooth Sealing

It is important to brush and floss daily to prevent cavities, but our back teeth (known as molars) are especially susceptible to tooth decay. This is because molars are used to chew food, and particles of food can be left behind. As molars reside in the back of the mouth, they are also more difficult to clean thoroughly. Tooth sealant is a material made mostly of plastic that is used to seal these back teeth. This gives them additional protection from cavities and can save a bundle in future dental work.

Is Tooth Sealing Right For Me?

Tooth sealing is a dental procedure that is growing in popularity. There are many reasons to consider tooth sealing.

  • It’s preventative
  • It’s hassle-free
  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • It saves money in the long-run
  • It’s a great option for parents concerned about their child’s dental health

When food particles get stuck in your teeth, an acid is created. Left to its own devices, the acid will burrow holes in your teeth. These holes are called cavities.

Tooth sealant can be applied to your molars by a dentist at AAdams Dental Care. It is a simple, painless procedure. First, the tooth is cleaned and dried. Next, a gel is applied. It will act as a bond between the tooth sealant and the tooth. A lighted device is used to dry the seal, which takes just a few minutes.

Tooth sealing is beneficial for many patients. The ADA recommends it be used in children as soon as their molars come in to ensure the greatest benefit. It can also be used to protect teeth that are already damaged by decay, helping to prolong their life. Tooth sealant typically lasts ten years, making it a great investment.


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