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About Dental Crowns

Put simply, a crown is a fixed prosthetic device. It is a cap created to cover an existing tooth to build it up to size, strengthen the tooth, and improve its appearance. Crowns are used for many reasons that include the practical and aesthetic. Crowns can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, all metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all resin, or all ceramic. They can be made to look quite natural and are often a visual improvement to what existed prior to its placement. Crowns are safely affixed to the existing tooth with cement and fully encapsulate area that is visible.

When Is a Dental Crown Needed?

Crowns are frequently used in dentistry and are a common part of many dental procedures. There are many situations where a provider at AAdams Dental Care may tell you a crown will be necessary. 

Problems a Dental Crown can solve

  • To protect a tooth that is weak to prevent breakage
  • To repair a cracked tooth and hold it in place
  • To encapsulate and strengthen a tooth with a filling
  • To support a traditional dental bridge
  • To cover a tooth for cosmetic reasons, like discoloring
  • To cover a dental plant
  • To allow for other aesthetic changes

Crowns for Weak Teeth

Tooth decay is a common malady, especially in the elderly. Years of decay will cause teeth to become fragile and susceptible to breaking. In many cases, teeth will break before a person is even aware there is a problem. Crowns are very useful in situations like this. While many are concerned about appearance, crowns will also allow you to chew normally once again. Being able to eat is absolutely essential.

When Large Fillings need Extra Protection

Fillings are the most common sort of dental procedure. Crowns are not always necessary after a filling, but it depends on its size. The larger the cavity prior to a filling, the greater the chance that a crown will be needed to support it.

Crowns to Support Bridges

In the case a tooth is knocked out or needs to be extracted, a bridge may be necessary to close a gap where a tooth once resided. Crowns are used to strengthen and support traditional bridges.

Dental Crowns for Aesthetics

Crowns are often used in dentistry that is purely cosmetic. They can give a person a brighter, straighter smile and are relied upon by dentists for purely aesthetic purposes as well as the practical.

AAdams Dental Care is here to help you with all procedures that may require a crown. Call to set up an appointment today. Our specialists will examine you and steer you toward appropriate dental care that suits your immediate and long-term needs.

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