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About Dentures

Dentures are prosthetic devices created to look and function like real teeth. They are constructed to cover an area where teeth are missing. A partial denture can be created when just a few teeth are missing. A full denture set is required in cases where all teeth are missing. Most often, dentures are designed to be removable, but they can be bonded or implanted. Dentures are practical and will allow the person wearing them to eat normal food. They will also allow for a natural looking smile, easing the embarrassment those without teeth may feel.

The Denture Procedure

Dentures are typically prescribed when many teeth are broken or missing. By the time most patients opt for dentures, eating regular food has become difficult or nearly impossible. A thorough exam and recommendation can be given by the experts at AAdams Dental Care.

Once your dentist has prescribed dentures as the proper option for you, an appointment will be made for any necessary extractions. If you are getting a complete denture set, it will be necessary to extract all remaining teeth and tooth fragments. This is a major procedure for those needing multiple extractions. The gums will swell, and it may take up to twelve weeks for them to fully heal and return to normal size.

In spite of the healing time, most patients will leave AAdams Dental Care with a full temporary set of dentures on the same day they have their extractions. While they will not fit as well as a final set, it means you will have full coverage and won’t go a day without teeth.

Once the swelling has abated, a permanent denture set will be constructed that fits your new mouth perfectly. Missing teeth can cause a face to sag and age rapidly. Wearing a full set of dentures designed especially to fit your mouth by AAdams Dental Care will fill out your mouth, slowing down this process.

While many may dread the notion of dentures, a great deal of progress has been made in recent decades. When well made and fit just right, dentures can both look and function as regular teeth. There is no reason to skip your favorite meals or hide from social situations. And dentures are more affordable now than ever before! Call AAdams Dental Care for an examination and evaluation today.


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